American Sign Language Santa Cruz

Nationally Certified Professional Sign Language Interpreting Services

We serve as your interpreters processing calls through our computers or your other requested compatible devices and/or preferred apps.


Team Interpreting

Understanding why it's needed when interpreting for longer than one hour in duration is requested.

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We are located here in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA. We are about 50 miles south of San Francisco

Please answer the 5 following questions in your email to us at: SUPPORT@ASLSC.COM to get a price quote.

1. Type of interpreting you are requesting?
Video (VRI)

On-Site Interpreting.

2. How many hours and days do you need total?

For Example: (3 hours/1 day) or (8 hours per day/3 days).

3. Date(s) of service & start/end times For Example: (12/25 8:00am to 5:00pm) or (12/25 8am - 5pm & 12/26 8am-2pm).

4. Type of interpreting assignment (Example: Seminar, Training, Medical, Classroom Lecture, AA Meeting, Job Interview, Counseling, Etc.) Please be specific as interpreters fatigue due to the physical demands of interpreting in Sign Language so duration and type of assignment are needed to give you an accurate quote for your requested service.

5. Will you be paying with a credit card?  Yes/No (Discounts may apply)

We will reply with a price quote to the email address we receive the request from, if you wish to proceed with scheduling services after receiving the quote from us please schedule services here on the website under the "Request Interpreting Services" tab.


You are working with interpreters directly so you will get the better rate, also we also may be delayed in responding as we are working both sides of this job by providing excellent customer service both in the office and in the field.
We will send you a price quote usually within the hour.

Thank you very much for considering us as your potential business partner and sign language services provider.

Hello, my name is Julius and I will be the ASL interpreter assisting you with this call today. What number would you like me to dial? That number is ringing, and someone has answered. "Hello this is ..."


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