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"Julius is easily one of the best interpreter I have ever encountered in my life ! He is very friendly and he has made activities in Santa Cruz for the deaf community here much better in many ways !!! before he came here the deaf event was kind of "DEAD" so he made a big difference here for this wonderful city ! He also has interpreted for several things around this town and out of town he is one GREAT interpreter !!!"   - Don Russell

"Julius has a natural fluency, and his signing flows beautifully. He is very even-tempered, with a contagious smile. It's a pleasure to have such an effective interpreter available!" 

- Ken Gaugler

"Honest He is a wonderful an interpreter and very natural skill that who he is!" - Rebecca Idler

"Julius is a great interpreter, because he is not only skilled, he is caring too. He is very involved in the Deaf community, attending events and providing a ton of support as well."

- Patty Killough

"Julius is a great interpreter! A wonderful supporter of the deaf community!" -   Michelle Lynn Ottinger

"ASL skills and a rock star!","Interpreters that actually care is rare, thanks Julius for being a rare one!" - Tara Birl

"Me and Cody thought of you as: you are very honestly and completely natural skills that we could understand you as deaf person! You are wonderful gentleman that we met! Good luck for your job! Hope in someday we will have u interpreter in somewhere!!"  -  Tanya, Cody & Jr

"Julius interprets clear and smoothly very good and he makes whatever being interpreted come alive." - Jesse Stevens

" It's been a pleasure working with interpreter like you. You're one of a kind. The one who cares about the deaf customers and as well as their community too." - Jerry Cardoso

"You're like clay, you fit into any situation and keeping your cool, as well up to date with your clientele, and an excellent signer of any speed/skill desired also a professional friendship level in regard of great work provided with awesome care"  - Kyle Aldrich

"Julius is a consummate interpreter. He is professional, adheres to a strict code of ethics and has a strong work and moral ethic. He has a clear understanding and the ability to help foster communication and mediate the differences between deaf culture and the hearing world. He also mentors and support other interpreters with his patience, knowledge, experiences and skills." - Mary Tuccoli

"You are the best interpreter in Santa Cruz and all the city.! Words can’t express the appreciation that I have for all your help and professionalism.! Congrats to you for your success for your new work and events in Santa Cruz, it was real fun and you made us all people feel we are your best friends. You are not just interpreter, you are our mentor we look up to. You rock.!" - Krystle Razo

"You need an interpreter who is reliable, interprets with the appropriate tone and has positive people skills, contact Julius!" - Evette Ybarra

"I would describe Julius as an extremely qualified and competent ASL interpreter. He has an excellent command of both English and ASL allowing for effective interpretation. His signing is also very clear and smooth. Lastly, he has great people skills, genuinely cares about the clients, is supportive of his team, and conducts himself in a professional manner." -  Jo Ann Henderson

"Oh you are my favorite interpreter guy like you Julius. You have been so great interpreting with me and the difficult 4 different home contractors working in my house the same time in the past four months. I will be looking for you and you will soon be found. Looking forward see you!" - Brett Maxwell

""When you call upon Julius to interpret, you can be sure that you will have a deeply committed professional and efficient service provider who will value your time and respect your priorities, giving more than 100% to the work and all consumers involved."" - Kendra Keller

"A fellow interpreter whose variety of skills make him a flexible, professional and Deaf consumer advocate!"  - Carrie King

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                       ASL Interpreter - "Julius Satterlee"                              

Photo taken on 8/22/2014