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Team Interpreting

Understanding why it's needed when interpreting for longer than one hour in duration is requested.

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         Video Interpreting

  • Tutoring
  • Counseling, educational planning
  • Last-minute substitute needed

         On-Site Interpreting

  • Group Settings
  • Private Consultations
  • Events, Conferences, Interviews

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.” - Tony Robbins

         Video Interpreting

  • Reviews
  • Client Discussions
  • Emergency Urgent Meetings

         On-Site Interpreting

  • Team meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Events

         On-Site Interpreting

  • In classroom interpreting
  • Guidance, assessment, coaching
  • Constant mobility required situation





Specialized medical interpreters providing services while following strict HIPAA guidelines, (ASL) accurate medical terminology, privacy, security, professionalism. Our code of ethics includes honesty, integrity, 100% confidentiality, do no harm, trustworthy, required annual background and drug screenings, accepting all hospital staff required immunizations.

    Video Remote Interpreting

  • Group Projects
  • Interviews
  • Performance Review

         Video Interpreting

  • Emergency Services (ER)
  • COVID-19 patients
  • Last-minute substitute interpreter
  • Forgot to schedule the interpreter

         On-Site Interpreting

  • Scheduled check-up visits
  • Emergency room (ER)
  • Medical Consultations
  • Surgery and postoperative care

our services

We service your interpreting requests by providing services by (VRI) Video Remote Interpreting through our call center using only highly qualified nationally certified experienced professionals working with students training to become future certified sign language interpreters.

Government Services

American Sign Language Services Community is your bridge over the communication gap

American Sign Language Services Community

Your Nonprofit Business Partner

American Sign Language Services Community is the partner of choice for

organizations and individuals who don't mind working with new students learning to provide sign language interpreting services under mentor led instruction.

Currently we are only offering (VRI) Video Remote Interpreting services.