Our Mission:

  • Sign language video production
  • Sign language interpreting services
  • International sign language educational workshops.
  • Online "Live" sign language classrooms & workshops.
  • Sign language interpreting services for nonprofits and directly to the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.
  • Student tutoring and volunteer developing partnerships.

Our Clients:

  • Everyone and hopefully, maybe you...
  • Students, adults and children who want to learn, improve their existing skills or just have fun together using sign language in a fun unique way to communicate.

Our Goals:

  • To support those who want to learn and enjoy sign language content to be enjoyed together for free by anyone..
  • With your trust, support and donations, we hope to find the financial income needed to continue growing and expanding our local community service center into an wonderful example of what can be copied and developed all over the United States.

Our Current Region of Operation:

  • Santa Cruz, California U.S.A. (Our Main Office)
  • Will your location be next? We are seeking to expand of course!

    Experience You Can Trust

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Deaf Community SERVICES

Some Past Events We Have Supported with Our Services:

  • "DEAFFEST" at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, this event helps to bring Deaf Culture awareness to our local community.

  • Sign language services provided at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  • Sign language services provided at the Winchester Mystery House.

  • We fully supported local community beach bonfires.

  • Public Service Announcements sign language interpreting services.

  • YouTube channel "American Sign Language Services Community".

  • Sign language weekend immersions


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 American Sign Language

Services Community

A Nonprofit for Sign Language Services Support

100% of donations made here go to the charity, no deductions, no fees.

Your gift goes through the PayPal Giving Fund link, ASLSC is a 501(c)(3) public charity. PayPal Giving Fund can issue you a donation receipt. PayPal Giving Fund will share your name and email with us, you can also remain anonymous if you choose.

Our Services & Experiences Include:  

  • Deaf culture awareness.
  • American Sign Language college level professor knowledge and experience classroom instruction.
  • Nationally certified ASL interpreter knowledge.
  • Our ability to provide sign language instruction uniquely and unlike any other by utilizing unique diverse instructors with a wide variety of backgrounds, and some new unconventional approaches to teaching this wonderfully visual, expressive and animated language.