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Santa Cruz

  • On-site and Virtual Video Remote Interpreting available

  • Virtual Video Remote Interpreting available by Cisco Webex it's very secure, and trusted by hospitals, schools, government, financial service institutions. You can download and use this platform that provides a clean, clear video with no additional fees or cost to you.

  • On-site In-person interpreting services at your location

  • Providing native language interpreting services since 1987

Providing Only Nationally Certified
Sign Language Interpreting Services

Serving the local area and providing video services anywhere in the United States

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American Sign Language Santa Cruz

Nationally Certified Professional Sign Language Interpreting Services

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We provide American Sign Language interpreting services locally and all over the bay area for various needs including but not limited to:

Medical, government, legal, educational, business, conventions, conferences, entertainment, weddings, tours, television production, commercials, YouTube learning videos, public service announcements, political, religious settings, and more.

Services are offered in just about any location and most interpreting situations. 

Knowledge Experience Profesionalism  

  • Current Certified Interpreters
  • HIPPA Certified
  • Quality, Efficiency
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Business & Liability Insured
  • Required Medical Screening
  • Required Drug/Alcohol Testing
  • Required Background Checks
  • Secure VRI Work Environment
  • Trust and Patience
  • Deaf Community First

Deaf Community


  • Deaf Fest Santa Cruz Boardwalk

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Tours

  • Winchester Mystery House Tours

  • Local Deaf Beach Bonfire Events

  • PSA's on Community Television

  • YouTube ASL Learning Videos

  • ASL Weekend Immersion

  • Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

  • Roaring Camp Railroad

  • ASL Story Time for Children

  • New Nonprofit  ASLSC.ORG